Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Lord does not call back his Words (Isa 31,2)

I have not commented on other blogs for a long time and I received the occasional comment in my blog and I like it that way. This is a far cry from my early days of blogging when commenters could get personal and heated exchanges ensued so much so I stopped blogging for almost a year in 2011. But in the past couple of days I had commented on the Anglican Down Under (Notes on 1 Timothy), a blog I followed from time to time for news down under and you can read my comments and counter-comments there.
Just follow the blog link on the right. As I reflected on these passages afresh, I was following the NZ vs South Africa cricket semifinals online and that could possibly explained why my tone throughout was joyous, mild and erenic since Kiwis won with only one ball to spare in the final over. Feeling somewhat pensive about this controversial issue that has dogged the church for a long time, this morning I read Isaiah 31 and it fell on verse 2, "he shall not call back his words." I have no doubt that was meant to encourage me to stand on God's truth no matter how unpalatable and how they might seem to be out of touch with the spirit of the time and age. The truth of Scripture cannot be broken and as Christ's servant and as far as his words are concerned I am conscience bound to uphold what the Lord has spoken and caused to be written down by his apostles for our sake in these last days.

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