Monday, March 30, 2015

Achieving Life's Full Potential

In the packed sitting of 250 people of mostly youths, I preached a message about how we could achieve life's full potential. I started by referring to an article I read some years back that the brain of each unborn child has more than 1 billion neurons and only about 5% of the brain is used throughout adult's life. I ventured to speculate that the 95% is reserved for those born of the Spirit, having minds transformed, enabled to understand spiritual truths and to communicate with God. In each baby is life's full potential given with the hope that each person could reach his or her full potential in their adult life. I told them about genetic mapping and how one geneticist found that all human beings whatever their race or continent of origin share the same DNA structure to at least 99.99% similarity.
Then I read Proverbs 2,1-6 about the desire to be wise and to search after knowledge as for silver and cry out for understanding as the first step towards achieving life's full potential. First, it is to have the desire to be wise and utilise our brains to the maximum. Without having that desire or wish to be knowledgeable nothing can be achieved.

Second, the effort and diligence needed to achieve knowledge and wisdom. I told them with advanced technology there is great potential to obtain knowledge at the touch of a finger.

I shared with them my Olive Tree app where I can just touch any Hebrew or Greek word and the grammar and meaning will come out. But I said technology has its negative side effect including many vanities and worthless surfing that can take much of out time. Many are on the smartphones all the time. I told them that each person is given 10 hours a day to make full use of and it is how we make use of our time that we can achieve life's full potential. I told my journey of learning Hebrew and Greek and how I spent on average 20 hours a week for 2 years and forgo many holidays. I hardly ever took a holiday in my 10 years in New Zealand.

After that I read Daniel 12 and spoke about one of the signs of the end times is the increase in knowledge. We will be left behind if we do not pursue knowledge to the best of our ability. For that English being the language of science and internet is essential and I challenged the youths to master the language by the grace of God.

Finally I read from 1 Kings 4,27 about Solomon's wisdom in many things including animals, birds, fishes and trees. I got a few laughs when I told them I wished we had a Solomon in Sabah so that our reforestation programme can be improved (things are looking brighter in the last 10 years or so in terms of tree planting and conservation of forests). I ended by telling them to ask God for wisdom as the Lord granted Solomon wisdom, to study hard and apply their knowledge carefully in the fear of the Lord and to glorify God when they are successful in life for whatever we achieve is by the grace of the Lord. And do not let knowledge puffs us up but in humility love one another fervently.

I only had a few lines written in notebook. I preached spontaneously but I had meditated the scriptural passages for days and the Lord had opened my ears to hear his words and made my mouth like a sharp sword.  

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