Saturday, March 28, 2015

Secondary School Students

Today we had a wonderful time with 66 Secondary school students who attended our welcoming of students' gathering in our church meeting room. It was amazing to see that more than 70 people could fit into our Conference room meant for 40. When the event ended, I took one last trip to take them back to the Hostel and they looked a happy lot as they got off my pickup.
I wanted to gather them, first to welcome them as members of the church family and this was the first time something like this was done since the church started 7 years ago. As none of them knew where the pastor's house-cum-office is, I wanted them to see for themselves the church house and the sanctuary we are building adjacent to it. I also wanted the students' feedback on my plan to start an English service. We discussed the time and day of the planned service. I also told them that beyond the Sunday sermon they needed to study the Bible and for that I am going to plan for a fortnightly Bible Study. I read a verse from Acts 2,17 where during the first Pentecost after Jesus's resurrection, the Spirit is said to be poured out on young people, young men and women, teenagers and youths and they are going to see visions just as the old men will dream dreams. It was a day of dreams as by God's grace the event was a fun time for the students to get to know one another.
The youth leaders were brilliant and they had a full hour of icebreakers, games based on the Bible and songs like memorizing a verse and passing it on to a member of their group till the end.
That was an item of mimicking and humming songs and getting their groups to recognize and name the songs and those who got the most answers were rewarded by getting lunch served first, second and so on.
By the time 80 people had their fill, all the food was gone and the youths and women's folks had cooked since last night and early morning and we had a more than a feast of food but fellowship and joy in the Holy Spirit.

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