Friday, March 27, 2015

It's Friday Again

I can't help feeling deflated every Thursday afternoon and the sense of lethargy could continue Friday morning. After preaching Wednesday night and teaching 3 hours Thursday morning, my energy levels need to be replenished quickly. I thought I only had 2 sermons this week but the two elders appointed to preach tonight and 2nd service Sunday asked me to replace them. That is the beauty of a sole pastor. I dare not accept the title senior pastor because that would normally mean I have 2 or 3 pastors working alongside me but I am the sole pastor. Tonight I will preach a sermon entitled, "A life well-lived" as we celebrate members' birthdays born in March. The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew will figure large in the sermon and we can learn from a man who dedicated his life to a singular mission.
I would be among the tens of thousands queuing to pay my last respects if I were in Singapore. I even shed some tears at the news of his passing on Monday. I led prayers in TTC Chapel in 2013 for LKY's good health on his 90th birthday which coincided with Malaysia's Golden Jubilee, at least from Sabah's and Sarawak's perspectives.

Tomorrow we are having a big do in my office and we have a meeting room that can hold 40 people but we expect at least 50 secondary students to turn up. We are planning to start an English service in June and preparations are ongoing including getting worship teams to lead English service once a week. More than 50 people have indicated in the survey forms they are ready to serve. Even if half of them turn up, I hope we can have 4 worship teams of 6 or 7 people.

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