Thursday, March 12, 2015

Series on Colossians

I have started preaching on Paul's letter to the Colossians a fortnight ago. As I preach alternate Wednesday during our mid-week service, I thought a shorter letter of Paul will do fine since I am preaching on Matthew's Gospel and the Psalms on two Sunday services. I have just covered 5 Psalms and we had just finished Jesus' temptation in the wilderness last Sunday (Matt 4,1-11). I preach expositorily and whenever application is required I don't shy away from drawing lessons from the text for the contemporary church.
The challenge is sometimes I have to prepare 3 full sermons a week and a 3-hour lesson for the course I teach at College. It is by working hard that I hope to set an example to other church leaders and pastors. I easily work more than double the load compared to what I did in Singapore but with a fraction of the pay. What I am doing now is even busier compared to the pastorate I had in KK more than 10 years ago. When one is no longer a youth and my general health is not as vigorous as a 30-year old, it is only by God's grace I could do what I am doing. As Paul said, by the grace of God I worked harder than all of you, yet it is not my doing but the grace of God in me.

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