Friday, March 13, 2015

Pressure Preparing 4 Preaching

Yesterday an elder asked to take over one cell group tonight which means I shall be preparing a message based on a book we used for teaching. A few days ago I thought I was going to rest this Sunday from preaching but the elder who was allotted to preach told me that on the AGM Sunday the pastor should be doing the preaching. So instead of a quieter week, I found myself preparing for 3 messages, one for yesterday at College, one for tonight and one for Sunday.
This is the lot of a village or a small town pastor, faithfully taking up what others could not or would not do. Well and good if I am healthy and my voice is strong. My vocals are overworked and overused and it is due for a complete rest. No wonder I needed 6 months sabbatical in the 2nd half of last year to stock up what I needed to do now. After 10 weeks back in ministry the stock is well and truly depleted and it is back to the drawing board. The pressure preparing for preaching is intense but for the grace of God I would have given up for who is adequate for these things except that God is with him? LORD make me your mouthpiece, penyambung lidah-Mu.

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