Friday, March 6, 2015

Third Moon Begins

When I left my house it was still dark and the moon shone brightly. It marked the end of Lunar New Year. It was my 3rd moon back in ministry even as the moon marks seasons and is a sign from the Lord. The next moon will be a total lunar eclipse called the blood moon falling on Passover, 3rd April, the third lunar eclipse in 12 months.
As I drove up to the mountains passing Tamparuli, about 30 kms from KK I had a sense of heaven and I looked down the valley below and the whole plain and hills were shrouded by white clouds and heavy mist. I felt I was in heaven even as I prayed thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

After a 20min breakfast stop at Kinabalu Park I arrived in Ranau at 8am with the sum shining brightly. After a short rest I will prepare for 2 sermons and lead prayer and fasting whole day Sunday. It was timely that prayer and fasting was launched for SIB Sabah 3 days ago and we will fast from time to time until Good Friday. As this is a crucial year in our denomination's calendar, we will probably pray and fast more regularly even after the Easter period.

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