Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Love the Place where Your Glory Dwells

The Lord dwells in our hearts. He dwells among his people, those who worship him in spirit and truth. He makes his glory known among those who love his name. LORD I love the Place where your glory dwells. Christ among us the hope of glory. Being the servant of God's house is an honour, always to be at the Father's presence, waiting upon him and hearing his voice. Let your glory shine upon us O Lord. Saturday evenings are our rehearsal times, two services on Sunday. And tonight we have a meeting to prepare for the church's AGM next Sunday. In fact I am going to have some rest next week. The AGM takes place at 10am hand our 2nd service makes way for the AGM once a year.
After that it is likely I will take over as the chairman of the church council and timing is just about right as the last couple of months has been time getting to know the leaders and church members. Now in my 10th week, I could feel the pulse of the church and I think I know what to do to make the services more lively. May your glory shine upon us, O Lord. I will need to get few leaders open their homes as too many meetings take place in the church building. After the school break I will gather all the students in my place, the pastor's house but our meeting will take place in the meeting room downstairs. I will ask them what they really want to achieve in the planned English service, scheduled to start in June if only I get some help in the form of an assistant pastor. I challenged the 3 SIB KL members to offer themselves to help Sabah and help us here with English services. LORD let your glory shine upon us.

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