Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interview with ATA (Asia Theological Association)

My turn came late despite turning up early Monday to welcome the Vet Team from ATA. It was a good start as the leader of the group knew me from my days in Singapore. I had graded a MTh thesis from her school. I was asked to comment on the thesis writing manual for BTh and report on the quality of two theses which I managed to read through quickly yesterday. I also translated for the Academic Dean and chatted with the ATA team before being excused. Hopefully after lunch ATA will make a statement as to our application for accreditation.
I think there will be many conditions attached but at least the College has started the ball rolling. It is a concerted effort to raise standards of theological education in all aspects. Over breakfast I managed to chat briefly with my President who has been here since yesterday and he is also eager to know how the accreditation process has gone. With me teaching one subject, there is little I could do since pastoring my church consumes all my time and more. But out of the Principal's openness and friendship I had availed myself to help whichever way I can. And this ATA team appreciated my presence if not for my experience of theological education in Singapore. I even chatted with one member about my book when he asked about the area of my research.

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