Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lord Send me!

I preached one of my best sermons to date. Only six people plus two of my companions were there to hear it. We went to a church about 5kms away, up a steep hill. We had to go through some bushes to get there but nothing too out of the ordinary except that the church was once filled with people but now most of the early converts had fallen away.

There was only one person below in her early 20s and she is going away to KL for work next month. Her grandfather was anxious that she was prayed for and after prayers he continued to ask us to remember praying for his granddaughter. By the time I returned to Ranau the 2nd service had already started and the elder preached a solid message about the fall of man and woman in Gen 3 and how we should recover the glory of God in us. As it was holiday week, we had less than 100 adults in the 2nd service but next week we expect it to double when the students return to school.

It was a good break for me too as I did not have to travel to College and teach. But this coming week things will be back to normal. I will be preaching on Wednesday, teaching on Thursday and there will be end of the month combined cell group meeting on Friday. On Saturday we have a welcome for school students and youths and on Sunday I will be preaching in the first service and then chair the first Council meeting for the new leadership team elected last Sunday.

When I was reflecting on the state of the village church this morning, I saw the needs for urgent ministry. The harvest is plentiful but workers are few. Those who are harvested have to be nurtured and cared for by pastors and shepherds. Perhaps there is a reason after all of my coming to Ranau. To look for the sheep gone missing on mountains and hills and seek the lost. Lord Send me!

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