Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sermon Preparation & Worship Rehearsal

Lord I wait on you. Lord I wait on your Word. As I sit and enjoy the worship rehearsal, I go through my Sunday sermon in the presence of the Lord. The song leader has an angelic voice and she is an angel coming all the way from KK, taking time off her university study to serve the Lord over the weekend.
One good friend told me two days ago he was encouraged that I was prepared to accept an appointment in a small town and in a small church. In his words, "melayani jiwa-jiwa dan melayani Tuhan." "Ministering to souls and serving the Lord." With souls like my worship team members who are a committed lot, it makes it all worth while to see their spiritual fervour. Earlier in the week the ATA team was surprised to see me, "are you Chinese?" They did not think they would see a Chinese serving among the tribal peoples of Borneo. It is my privilege to serve the Lord and His People in Sabah. As I wait on the Lord while the music is being played I sensed God's presence near and His Words are sweet to my mouth. On AGM Sunday I shall be preaching from Ephesians, Paul's heavily ecclesiological epistle, most likely a circular letter in its inception but very soon the city of Ephesus became its destination and addressee as the city was the provincial capital of Asia Minor and became the main centre of Paul's mission in his 2nd and 3rd journeys if you call them that.

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